Luminous beauty

We enhance your own natural beauty: our beauty extras are the perfect way to round off a beautiful day on holiday!


Our beauty experts at Vitaltempel offer the following range of treatments


Body scrub and full body massage  |  75 min.

€ 95,00


Back wrap and massage |  50 min.

€ 65,00

Body scrub

Choose your personal treatment from a range of diverse scrubs! | 25 min.

€ 35,00

Oil & Salt Massage / Detox Massage

This cleansing, detoxifying, decongestive and metabolism boosting massage is performed using high quality, vitamin-rich oil and sea salt.  |  50 min.

€ 62,00

Honey Massage with Honey Pack
This detoxifying massage with honey is an ancient natural remedy that derives from Russia.  |  50 min.

€ 63,00

Fango back pack
This healing mud is particularly effective for treating diverse muscle and joint problems.   |  25 min.

€ 35,00

Algae Body Wrap
Freshly mixed algae in its purest form, soothes and aids the reduction of water retention and fatty deposits.
25 min.
50 min. (including body scrub)

€ 44,00
€ 65,00

Frigi-Thalgo - cooling bandage wrap for lighter legs
A bandage wrap infused with an algae-camphor-menthol solution firms connective tissue and revitalises tired legs, it is highly effective at eliminating excess fluid & toxins from the hip & thigh area.  |  25 min.

€ 32,00

Performance Figure Treatment
Combined with the Perfect Body Massage, highly effective concentrates and firming ingredients visibly re-sculpt the figure, providing last results.  |  60 min

€ 89,00

The word Thalgo derives from a combination of the Greek word thalasso for sea, and French word algues for algae. Trace elements, minerals, proteins, amino acids and vitamins: Thalgo treatments utilise the extraordinarily beneficial properties of maritime substances.

A facial treatment with Thalgo is a special experience, one that allows the skin to breathe. It is individually tailored to suit personal skin requirements.

Maritime Collagen - for those first fine lines
This soothing treatment with native marine collagen, vegetable glycopeptides and Palmaria Palmata algae lends new suppleness, luminosity and smoothness to your complexion. Wrinkles are significantly reduced, the skin is smoothed and appears “plumper."   |  85 min.

€ 129,00

Maritime Hyaluronic - visible wrinkles
This firming treatment has been specially developed to smooth the complexion and visibly reduce wrinkles. Your complexion appears smooth and youthfully fresh, while wrinkles are plumped out and less visible.  |  85 min.

€ 129,00

Maritime Silicon - visible wrinkles and loss of elasticity
This treatment lends firmness and elasticity to your skin whilst plumping out visible wrinkles, resulting in a youthful and fresh complexion. Facial contours appear firmer and wrinkles less noticeable.   |  85 min.

€ 129,00

Cold Cream Marine - dry, sensitive skin
This treatment delivers the quintessence of the Cold Cream Marine recipe, to lastingly nourish and increase the tolerance threshold of delicate and fragile skin.  |  85 min.

€ 109,00

Pureté Marine – for combination to oily skin
This deep cleansing treatment provides marine power to restore the beauty of healthy skin. Visibly reduces imperfections, redefines pores and controls shine.  |  85 min.

€ 109,00

Source Marine – for dehydrated and pallid skin
The secret of this refreshing treatment lies in the power of the ocean. It lastingly corrects hydration levels of dehydrated skin, deeply replenishes and restores the skin's velvety-smooth feel and original radiance.   |  85 min.

€ 109,00

Eyebrow tint

€ 8,00

Eyebrow shaping

€ 8,00

Eyelash tint

€ 18,00

Facials for Men

Thalgo Men skincare range combines the very best that the diversity of the sea has to offer, to meet the special demands of men's skin. Desensitised by shaving, subjected to the stress of an active life (air pollution, air conditioning etc.), men’s skin needs tailored skincare.
To meet this need, Thalgo has created a 7-part skincare series for those who appreciate effective and immediate results in their daily skincare routine - cleanse, shave and moisturise. Active ingredients deeply revitalise, stimulate and restore the skin. The skin's appearance is visibly refined, smooth and clear.
A close shave is recommended before every facial treatment, so we can perform an in-depth skin analysis!

Ocean Care Treatment - revitalising
This facial treatment is purely for men - skin is revitalised and refreshed with algae extracts.  |  60 min.

€ 90,00

Vital - restorative treatment for dry and sensitive skin
This special treatment for dry and sensitive skin boosts natural regeneration and the skin’s protective function, efficiently rehydrating in an instant. The result: a relaxed, soothed, fresh and rich complexion.  |  60 min.

€ 90,00

Clean - for oily and blemished skin
Algae in its purest form boosts a clear complexion. A mixture of pure, micro-powdered algae gently regulates and clears oily and blemished skin.  |  60 min.

€ 90,00

Hand soak, nail shape and file, manipulation and removal of cuticles, massage with moisturising cream and nail varnish as required.

Manicure without varnish  |  55 min.

€ 50,00

Manicure with varnish  |  55 min.

€ 54,00

Manicure with French polish  |  55 min.

€ 59,00

Footbath, nail shape and file, manipulation and removal of cuticles, removal of dead skin, massage with moisturising cream, nail varnish as required.

Pedicure without varnish  |  55 min.

€ 55,00

Pedicure with varnish  |  55 min.

€ 59,00

Pedicure with French polish  |  55 min.

€ 64,00

Nail varnish hands or feet

Classic Nails  |  15 min.

€ 15,00

French Nails  |  15 min.

€ 20,00

First Ever Spa Experience
Many children dream about experiencing the same treatments as their parents in the spa area! Young visitors are also perfectly catered for at our Vitaltempel Spa...

Feel-Good Massage (up to 13 years-old)  |  25 min.

€ 25,00

Slumber Treatment (up to 13 years-old)
Facial treatment with scrub, mask and massage  |  25 min.

€ 32,00

Clean and Cool
Deep cleansing facial treatment (for young ladies and gentlemen up to 16 years-old)  |  80 min.

€ 91,00

First Beauty
Moisturising and relaxing facial treatment (scrub, massage, mask)  |  50 min.

€ 69,00

Make-Up – made easy
Tips and tricks for your first make-up session  |  30 min.

€ 21,00

With bright polish |  25 min.

€ 29,00

With bright polish  |  25 min.

€ 29,00

Glitter Tattoo
A special sparkle for everyday |  per tattoo

€ 15,00

Professional hair removal - for men and women

Chin or upper lip

€ 10,00


€ 53,00


€ 37,00

Full leg

€ 50,00

Lower leg

€ 35,00

Armpit area

€ 18,00

Lower arm to elbow

€ 25,00

Full arm

€ 33,00

Bikini classic

€ 24,00


You are welcome to make an appointment even before you arrive under, or by calling +43 (0) 6541 6225 76. During your stay, we are happy to arrange appointments with you personally or by phone at the Vitaltempel reception or hotel reception. We look forward to meeting you!


If you have booked an appointment in the Vitaltempel and cannot attend, please cancel at least 12 hours before your treatment is due to begin. We kindly ask for your understanding that we have to charge 50% of the treatment price if you cancel less than 12 hours prior to your appointment. This does not apply in the event of sickness or accidents. Payment is to be made after each treatment, either directly at the Vitaltempel, or by adding it to your hotel bill.

Opening times Vitaltempel

Water World & Fitness: 7.30 to 20 hrs
Beauty treatments: 9 to 19 hrs
Sauna landscape: in summer from 16 to 19.30 hrs and in winter from 15 to 20 hrs
Panoramic Whirlpool: in summer from 11 to 19.30 hrs and in winter from 15 to 19.30 hrs

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