The history of Kendler

The story of the house Kendler started about 250 years ago as a modest little farmhouse.

From a farm to a four star superior hotel

From a farm to a guest house

In a remote valley agriculture was both the main income and also protection at the same time. So in bad times you could at least provide for your own family. Only many years later winter sport started in the village and tourists started to visit the area. In the twenties the Kendler Hof became a small guest house hosting ten to twelve guests.

Electricity from water

The snow-secure location an advantage of the region, helped the sport of skiing to develop, bringing tourists and beginning progress in the local area. Thus in 1935 a electrical power plant was built connected to the house. This supplied the house and the surrounding area with energy from the water of the stream. After each storm, the sand had to be shoveled out of the ditch by hand, so the stream could flow unobstructed. The electrical power plant generated nine to twelve kilowatts of electricity for the region. Today the society SAFE is responsible for the power supply in the valley.

Tourism and the hotel

After the Second World War, the region experienced a major economic boom through a comprehensive and systematic development of regional tourism. In 1945, the first ski drag lift at Schattberg was built from debris left over from the war, pieces of wood and iron. The 800-meter-long lift was privately owned and was later sold to the cable car society. Today, more than 50 modern lifts and cable cars supply comfortable transportation to the slopes for all skiers.

1948 the family house officially became a guesthouse “Pension Kendler”. The power plant was removed to get more space for guests.

1955, the capacity of the house was expanded to 60 beds and even then offered a high standard of comfort for its time.

Today, the hotel Kendler offers 110 beds in 57 quality furnished rooms.

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