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If you want to do a detox, you can of course do one at home. But there are other ways: How about, for example, at a wonderful hotel in the Alps, with a fantastic spa accompanied by professional therapists?

Holistic Detox Retreats

The Kendler is specializing in detox dietary programmes, not only offering the perfect setting for your detox but also providing top expertise in the areas of nutrition and exercise.

What is Detoxing?

To Detox is to "detoxify" your body from the inside out. Poor and excessive nutrition, lack of exercise, stress and pollution leave traces in our bodies, so-called "slag". The organs designed to detoxify our bodies become overtaxed, our complexion becomes sallow and we feel tired, and our immune system becomes compromised and vulnerable. In ancient Ayurvedic scriptures, detoxification (panchakarma) was an integral part of mind-body balance. A detox boosts your metabolism, helps to reduce weight, cleanses the skin and strengthens your immune system. During a detox you remove acidic food and it is ideally combined with an exercise program. Resulting in feeling fresh, clear, revitalized and full of energy. For longer term benefits and significantly increased health over time, a detox programme should be undertaken at least once a year.

Perfect conditions for Detoxing

Well known naturopath Kitty Campion from England is one such expert. She has been facilitating detox retreats for over 40 Years! and is also the author of 10 books on nutrition and health. Her experience, advice and daily lectures support the programme’s participants.
Together with yoga instructor and psychologist Dr. Karoline Zenz from Salzburg, we will also be offering a high quality exercise program. Yoga will be offered in  both morning and evening sessions, enabling the  body to return to  balance and ensuring tension is dissolved and energy released. Meditation and conscious breathing will also supplement the yoga sessions.
In addition to the nutrition and exercise parts of the programme, also included for your wellbeing are daily body treatments tailored to your needs. It is our holistic philosophy and  range of treatments that makes this programme so valuable.

Kendler Detox Retreats

Choose from Dates in April, June and September 2015. Each 7-Day Detox Retreat includes 8 overnight stays and all meals, in the cozy ambience of our Four Star Superior hotel. Our stunning mountain scenery, beautiful spa and fitness area as well as our daily movement program offers total wellbeing, in a setting of natural beauty and tranquility.

The Programme at a glance:
  • 8 nights at the Kendler
  • Vegan dietary days and days of fasting with herbal teas and supplements
  • 1 treatment per day: offered from a variety of treatments including Colonic Therapy, Massage, Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Energy Treatments
  • Daily Yoga sessions - morning and evening
  • Daily support and lectures by Kitty Campion
  • Use of the entire wellness and fitness area, and the hiking and exercise program
Package price per person: € 2,070.-

Choose your suitable date: 04-12th April, 20th-28th June or 19th-27th September 2015. We look forward to welcoming you!

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